Dear My Second Family

There are three kinds of people I’m glad to say thanks to

First, is my parents

Thank you for being the love of my life

The breathe of me that doesn’t just go through my nose

But also through my heart and painful back

Second, is my music teacher, Mr. Wisnu

Thank you for being so patient and friendly while teaching me

The calmness of you defeats me very easily

I’ll try not to confuse you –or myself– anymore

And the third,

To very special people I’d never related to before

Then, destiny gathers us together like we’d known each other before

My dear and beloved, EFriends

We are united by the time,

not knowing who we were at first

But suddenly, we just go out crazy like,

We’ve been there before

I never knew you before :

Gita, Amanda, Vicky, Wafya, Fia, Dea, Rahayu, and Raihan

You’ve brought the joyful times in my life

Like, all stress was thrown away by the jokes we shared

The smiles and the laughter that filled the room

I wouldn’t ever be the same without you, guys

Thank you for helping me bring my confidence back

That had been long kept in a bottom of my brain

Without brave to pop it out like a popped balloon

I love you so much, though we haven’t met for a year,

I’ll always remember you, and the crazy times we had =)

To recently being the best classmates ever on earth :

Astri, Atnas, Ratna, Aldo, Dhama, and Dimas

To this day, you’ve brought the laughter, the happiness, the joyful times,

The love, the jokes, altogether in one class with me

Though I’m still new to you all,

Thank you for accepting me the way I am

Thank you for letting me express myself without losing who I am

Though, I lose my minds sometimes when I’m with you

But, I don’t mind that

Because, all the time I’ve spent with you, is always worth it

You’re the only relaxation after my busy and stressful day

With you, it’s like spending holiday

1 minute of sharing thought doesn’t matter

You guys have the same portion, and we laugh at it

I’ve never felt love of friendship like this before,

where I can share the laughter with, tell my stories to,

Being joked and fooled by, you’re the jam-packed without being exactly packed

I can never tell you how much I love you

Sometimes, some things are better left unsaid

Thanks is never enough to show you how much I love you

While I keep the words “I love you” in my head

Waiting for the right moment to say it

You’re like my second family

The atmosphere is always good around you

I’m never disappointed or angry with anybody there

I love the people and our learning and studying process

It’s never been boring

We are the ice-breakers, no buts, no ifs, no doubts

Games fool us so much

Countdown Conondrum, Countdown whatever it is with annoying stopwatch

And the music sounds like hell

But, we have all this together

We have this fun time, for me, like a family

I know, sometimes I’m being so obnoxious, annoying, hot-tempered, selfish

Or whatever you might think about me

I hope it’s not too late to say sorry

For the miserable jokes I might have thrown out to you,

For the useless words I’ve said

For the sake of my heart, I wouldn’t ever lie and tell you the white lies you might want to hear

I can never tell that I hate you when I don’t

I might always say, “I hate you”

But, guarantee, I can never say that without smiling

Because, smiles, laughter, and love are the only things I wanna share with you

People who have given the different meaning of friendship to my life

You inspired me to write this,

I never lose track when I’m with y’all

I might be a crazy veiled-girl,

but come on!

Who doesn’t want to have crazy times with the right ones?

I can say now that I have a life,



When I meet these amazing people all at once

Even the teachers are the good friends, too

They help, not only teach

They can be friends when we’re bored of learning in traditional way

They always come in handy and ask, “How are you today? Last week? This month?””

Who cares?

You are the kind of people I’d like my other friends to meet,

The unique, unbelievable, adorable, crazy, amazing, one-of-a-kind friends

If the time comes,

When we must say goodbye to each other,

Just remember that,

I’ll remember you

Yesterday’s gone, but not the memories

The beautiful and so-not moments we had,

Are the best to keep not only in our old album

But also in our heart, our mind,

We may be filled with tears, but we gotta move on

Before we ever really separate,

let’s just laugh for a while,

Hugs and laughs,

to our friends’ back

They are the keepers, we are the guardians

I’m glad I got to know you

You’ll be in my heart forever

I’ll always remember you





About Ayuri

A not-so-elegant, classic girl, who loves writing, reading, dreaming (unlike daydreaming coz it's not good for me), and debating with my brother. I think I can see this world better if I ever experience something somewhere. By my own.
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