I Am Not You

I might be the same human, like you

But, not in a same shape

Same face, same nose

Same mind and thought

I’m different, than you

My way of thinking, my desire, my dream

You don’t have it all

I might be not that different than you

A college student who wants to hang around

Home fast, no task

Just like you

But, you don’t have what I have

A very treasury thing that I think

I’m the only one who has it

Concentration, focus, full of attention

I have pride, I respect people

I’ll shut my mouth when lecturer starts

I won’t keep focusing on my talking friends

All I wanna do is to grasp

As much knowledge as I can

You don’t seem to have a cutter

Or a key

Just to make sure you won’t distract me

I don’t tell you to kill yourself

By cutting your wrist

So, when you die, I can concentrate

With what my lecturer has said

Who’s standing in front of us

Is an old man, y’all

He might seem not caring

He lets us do everything

All he knows is he’s done his job

Without you guys hearing

It seems like you don’t need it

When the time comes, you’ll become weak

You’ll whine, you’ll cry, you’ll moan

Like a wolf yelling at the moon

Which he can’t reach

But he wished he did

You wished you’d climbed far

The fact is you stand still at the ground

You’ll be sorry, you’ll be eerie

How your future will be

You keep talking shit like you will make it

You don’t even respect people

You say you need them

But you keep staring at you friend’s phone

It’s more important to you

We ain’t no kids anymore

If you wanna stand that way, do so

Like a rapper telling you to stop smoking

Or to stop hurting other people

Through sarcasm lyrics, harsh words and comments

This how I tell you to respect people

My ears can’t stand your voice

The burning sensation you make

I think some of the functions are dead

I listen, while I don’t care

I can’t resist it

Your whispers disturbing

I don’t know about you

But I have something to chase

Or some things to chase

Ever listened to Katy Perry’s Firework?

Or her newest, the Roar?

Yeah, I wanna be like that

I wanna burst on to your face like a firework

To show you that I still have lights to ignite

I wanna roar loud to your ears

To prove you that I’m not a dead silent mouse

I’m more than people have ever thought

I have another side that people might have never seen

If you see it, then you’re special to me

Like all Eminem’s songs

I don’t want you to be so judgmental

You think you’re the only ones who are hurt

Don’t you see that people behind you are…



Whispering about you

And have been hurt by you?

Did you tell me I hurt you?

I appreciate it, thank you

I meant to tell you

That those people are the victims, too

So, back off and place yourself in a same position as us

We can be together

Or not, it’s your choice

But please, don’t act you deserve everything

People don’t deserve anything

When you’re good, we’re good

But when you’re not,

Aren’t we?


About Ayuri

A not-so-elegant, classic girl, who loves writing, reading, dreaming (unlike daydreaming coz it's not good for me), and debating with my brother. I think I can see this world better if I ever experience something somewhere. By my own.
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