The Alert

How can we just stay

Sit comfortably at home

In front of our TV

Too busy with our duty

That we say to serve our country

                                 How come we can still laugh

                                 When many people out there are starving

                                 Waiting for food falling from sky

                                  That they believe was sent from the hand of The Mighty God

                                 We keep our hands clean

                                 Without knowing that we

                                 Are sent to help

They still have hopes for tomorrow

Though they know some are not promising now

Dead bodies, losing their families

Government selfishness, our carelessness

We say we care

But we prove we don’t

                              I know some of you still care

                              About every blood drop sheds everywhere

                              Children’s happiness are gone

                              Through the every second of terror

                              Bombs, tanks, aircrafts

                              You say you care?

                              I bet you don’t

Would you like to raise their hands?

Help them who are staying on the ground?

In the name of loving

In the need of caring

Those who are starving

Think about the kids

The innocent eyes

The sincere smiles

Don’t you agree with me

That they always will be

Be a part of this world of peace?




About Ayuri

A not-so-elegant, classic girl, who loves writing, reading, dreaming (unlike daydreaming coz it's not good for me), and debating with my brother. I think I can see this world better if I ever experience something somewhere. By my own.
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