Before I Go to Bed…

Hi, everyone! It’s me again. I know it’s too soon to post a new one after my latest, just ten minutes ago. Well, I’m not gonna write much about this one. I just… wanna alleviate this sad feeling after I saw a picture of my friends at class. I wasn’t in that picture, but it yielded a missing feeling that I thought I wouldn’t feel anymore. However, it always brings up tears, not teary eyes but teary something deep inside. It’s too much, I know.

But, who wouldn’t miss a group of people that you spent a great one year together? And half of that was spent with the same great teacher that you had to wave goodbye?

It wasn’t that hurting, at first. Nevertheless, I’m still willing to go back, wanting to set up the same class I knew, and studying with the same people I’ve grown to love. They might not love me, I don’t even know whether they liked me or not. Well, this is the first time I don’t care about whether people would like me or hate me. When I knew that I had to be studying with two girls that came from the high school I really hate, I felt like it would ruin my days. But thank God, I didn’t do it. I loved them, anyway. I hate the school, but they’re my juniors that… oh, man I don’t know what to say anymore. Whether I’ve been too tired of writing or something else.

Ok, let’s make it short and fast. When I saw this picture, I started recalling our memories. Where was I when the picture was taken? Why didn’t they wait for me? Well, not so important anyway, hehe. Maybe if they’d waited for me, that would be one or two people absent from the picture, and that would be sadder than ever. That was our last chance to see each other before postponing the course, quitting the class, everything that we must leave behind.

They were all smiling wide, so happy to be in a circle together. A cold class, 9 people, chit-chatters, party classes, food, beverages… Wait, why am I listing this? If they (or one of them) read this someday, I want them to know–I’ve said this so many times, with or without them–that they’re my second family. If I’m forced to trust someone or some people in the future, they would be the first choice. I trust my secrets with them, no doubt at all.

The last group I would love to see on earth for the last time, is absolutely them, outside my family. I miss you, guys. So much. ^^


Courtesy of @rararatnaa on Twitter


Ayuri aka Ayurilda Amalia


About Ayuri

A not-so-elegant, classic girl, who loves writing, reading, dreaming (unlike daydreaming coz it's not good for me), and debating with my brother. I think I can see this world better if I ever experience something somewhere. By my own.
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