The skies are blue, that house that stood in front of me keeps standing still, thinks it’s watching me as I’m writing this piece of shit. The music’s playing, now Future ft. Miley Cyrus and Mr. Hudson – Real and True. And, I was a half conscious, after taking a 2-hour nap. Well, if my cats are around, or just one of them, I will absolutely take part on their side and fall asleep easily, as I’m stroking their thick fur, tickling their belly, and such.

It’s 11.44 a.m, just 5 hours away from my departure to Yogyakarta, our family favorite holiday destination. I gotta leave them at home, which is worrying me because there’s nobody is sane enough to talk to my cats as they’re feeding them, not even stroking their fur to show them they like them. They’ll be taken care with someone else, I hope they’re still the same cats as they were before I go, not turning their heads into another man who will replace them, and be thinking like, “You’re not my mom anymore.” NOOOOOO!!

Anyway, the reason why I came back again in front of my Mama’s monitor is that I think I’ve been poisoned by…. don’t tell me I’m too late to realize this thing, I just had cable TV for umm, 4 months I guess…. by How I Met Your Mother show. Seriously? Yeah, I am.

Seriously, I’ve watched 10 episodes of it, I’m not sure whether I watched the same episodes or what but hey, I still loved it, though. This morning, I watched 5 episodes of it–one of ’em I’ve watched twice–I don’t know what episode that was, where Robin and Barney’s mama were arguing whose scrambled eggs is the best, Robin said it was her Mama’s, then she was challenged to make scrambled eggs by her own, but she gave up doing it. In Barney’s mama’s ignorance, she mentioned about Robin’s inability to serve breakfast for their kids if Robin and Barney are married, then Robin just left, upset. Then, Barney told her mom that Robin couldn’t have kids.

That doesn’t mean that episode is my favorite, I remembered this episode very well because it’s broadcasted twice. My favorite episode this far is when they celebrated Christmas together, Each of them got enlightened by events they never knew they’d have. Robin got accepted to be working at World Wide News, instead she chose to be a Coin Thrower Girl, it kind of pissed Ted off. While Barney decided to buy a diamond-sparkling suit instead of sending off the money for charity, the better purpose Ted thinks Barney could have. And all the massive news suddenly comes, Marshall and Lily hugely announced that Lily was pregnant. Of course all her pals were full of excitement. Barney and Robin in all of a sudden came to a kind of contemplation, when they pondered for a while how wasteful their life was. While Marshall and Lily had started their own family and would be getting busy by stuff to welcome their baby, they haven’t even started their mature life. Robin is ready to take the job she got at World Wide News, and almost ready for the badge. Meanwhile, Barney is also ready to send off his money for charity, almost gives up his sparkling suit, when the sad news was flown on to their phones. Lily’s pregnant was actually a false alarm!

Immediately, Robin changed her mind again, she’d take that job that Ted thinks is ridiculous. Barney too canceled his plan to donate his money in amount of $10,000, he added decimals that makes it change to $100.00. In the end, when each of his friends are giving up something they should’ve taken for good, Ted is starting to rage. He throws the ginger house down forcefully and then showing their friends how important it is to stay optimist for chasing something they actually wanted, or at least Ted feels like they really want. It’s actually so hilarious seeing Ted’s priceless expression to show them all how care he does with his friends. Ted wants everyone has Christmas spirit.

So, there they are. Getting something for good. Robin takes the exclusive job, Barney donates his money without putting decimals even he gives away luxury suits for church’s congregation (if I’m not mistaken), Marshall and Lily don’t give up their hope to have kids. Well, the funniest part on that episode is when Ted shouts, “And you…”

I think it’s gonna be reaaally okay to watch another episodes. Well, yeah, well… that makes me such a serial-couch, you know like potato-couch, hehe… Ok, whatever. Right, make it more specific. HIMYM-couch, for this time.

Oh, and Happy New Year 2014, everyone! I haven’t really celebrated it after spending holidays with my family in Central Java. On Baturraden, to be exact. Later, I’ll post some photos from our trip to you. I took sceneries, since that is all I’m interested with. I’m not that good at taking pictures of human. Hehe




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