You know, I watched American Idol season 13 today on Star World and you know what has become a realization to me? The fact that I won’t be too old to chase my dream, to be what I wanna be, to do what I wanna do. I had been thinking about it for like 1 or 2 years, by the time I get 25, I will be very too old to do anything I want. Especially, for reaching whatever I’ve planned for my life, what will decide where my life is going to go.

I was moved after seeing some contestants whose ages are beyond 25. In my heart, there’s still a hope. But, yeah, can’t deny that I’m still believing that I’m gonna be too old to start off my career as a dubber in the future, especially for Disney movies. Despite my doubt and confusion, I make a brave decision, the bravest decision that has ever stormed in my brain: I will train myself as a dubber and a writer, I will start learning and studying deeply by joining courses. Despite my busy activities as a college student.

So, my conclusion now is that you’re actually never too old for your dreams, even though it’s to entertain children and dedicate yourself for Disney. You’ll never be too old to write a book, even though it’s for teenagers. Just watch American Idol and see those who are 28 years old or older than that. You won’t waste any of your time anymore. If you’re just like me, studying in college but having crazy ambitions to pursue your career in your field, for your greatest talent, you actually chase it, you can have it.

I’m on my journey to that now. My heart leads me to, my steps lead me to, God leads me there. I can feel it. You should feel it. There’s always a space for you, they spare a place for you to fill in. Go for it!



I target myself as an English-speaking dubber, enrolling in Conversation Class is my first step. I’ll be enrolling in by January. It means, I’ll have a chance to see our great teachers and… OH YEAH!! I met Mr. Chris, Atnas, and Ms. Emma yesterday


About Ayuri

A not-so-elegant, classic girl, who loves writing, reading, dreaming (unlike daydreaming coz it's not good for me), and debating with my brother. I think I can see this world better if I ever experience something somewhere. By my own.
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